Wednesday, January 13

Duet Kutu ~ Flea Money??

FLEAS..everyone hates fleas!
Because its existence causes a persons life to be a 'living hell' ~metaphorically speaking  
Not ONLY to a person, but MOSTLY in animal fur..
Cats,Dogs..any other pet with fur
That why they(the animals) scratch like crazy when the fleas come for a special visit~

When i was in High School, i didnt know that u could go and search for a flea in ur friends' (very thick) hair and then squish it, till blood comes squirting out!

NO..i didnt know that humans do this..However I did KNOW that only MONKEYS help each other pick fleas off their backs n all..but human??ermm...

BUT the flea i'm going to write about here is Duit Kutu or Flea Money when translated to raw English..i forgot what it's called in English =_=
(sorry, totally off topic earlier)

The first time i played Duit Kutu was in Form 1, with my friend Aisyah..though i only got to know her for a short while, she was one of the friendly kids in class (i was the new girl) day she invited me to play this 'game'..
Only the two of us..not many people wanted to play this game i guess,
cos each person has to contribute an agreed amount of money, lets say RM1, per day..
and by the end of the month(30days) the person who got picked 1st(earlier before the game started), will get the whole collection of money!
i.e. RM30 (i must add that RM30 is a lot of money for a form 1 student at that time)

Then the next cycle begins, and the 2nd person gets the 2nd round of money~
The more players we have, the more money the 'money-earner-of-the-month' will get!
Sounds simple right?
But then..humans, being the greedy self they are,
tend to forget their 'promise' and not pay up after a long time on playing that game
Although it's just a game, people tend to be different when it comes to
MONEY. source of all evil!

Sooo...its been 7 years since i left the 'duit kutu' business, coz i grew out of the
greed of having 'instant-money'..!yes!

Its not a healthy investment though..but what is? =_=

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