Tuesday, December 8

Your PEThetic when . . .

I was watching Kimi Wa Petto ( a japan drama starring Matsumoto Jun ) these past few days..
The heroin in this drama has a dilemma on the difference of loving a man
AND also a 'Pet'...

People keep pets for lots of reasons;
as a partner for when ur lonely and bored
a friend that won't discriminate or betray u
and listen to ur problems without feeling bored,
as if there is not a care in the world
its something like an anti-depressant
a companion that'll guide u,
and seem to understand ur feelings.

yeah..so a pet may not understand what ur saying,
it may not reply with comforting words,
for when ur feeling blue..
but somehow it can feel ur 'aura' i guess..
when u cry, its knows just the right thing to do
*a good hug is ok
its furry-ness and innocent face is enough to at least calm u
u play with it a little, and u just forget what u were crying about..

Is it pathetic, when u live u life surrounded by pets..
as ur life is all about pets, and taking care of them
or maybe ur not ready to love humans (a man/woman)
and all u need to fill the empty hole in ur heart,
is a faithful pet,
that may or may not understand what ur exactly saying verbally to them
but somehow animals can listen ur heart~

Conclusion is..
To love a pet is as ur perfect companion, a listener,
and isn't hypocrite..AND above all loyal..
However..to love another human being (of an opposite sex)
is totally different,
especially when it comes to understanding one another feelings..

alyzv~when feeling stress out, i pat my cat..

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