Sunday, December 13

Twilight or New Moon??

So every girl in the world is screaming
*bukan sebab kena rasuk ke ape ye
its because of the new installation of the Twilight movie series - New Moon.
well..mungkin lebih kurang macam kena 'rasuk'
~by Vampires!! and Werewolves!!
*jahat nye lisa kata rasuk2 nie
its like they cant stop shouting when they see their heart-throb heroes in the movies screen



*fangirls club cheer
yea2..i noe its them..dun have to shout so loud la.. =_=

i still dont get the whole crazy-in-love-vampire-and-werewolf-thing
What is so attractive about being bitten by a vampire,
and being turned into another blood-sucking creature.. fall in love with a vampire~ ?
i'm trying to imagine this situation i real life..a vampire boyfriend~~
Lets see....he:
  • is very very pale white (with no blood in his body!)
*if u were to kiss his cheeks it'll feel SOOOOOO cold..mcm cium mayat!
*lagi putih dari u!and many2 people will stare at him!and 1 more thing, if u take pics 2gether will his face develop ??jeng3~
  • has fangs for teeth - which he may sink into ur neck when his thirsty!
~my bf has fangs!haha looks sweet when he smiles
  • uses old english (like Shakespeare) when he talks to u
*which after awhile may seem abit boring, and sometimes u cant understand what he means and u think its romantic..hah!
  • can run incredibly fast!
*if u just missed the bus to KL or anywhere u wanna go, he's at your service (coz he 'loves' u right?)hehe
  • cant read ur mind/thoughts!
*so he's just like any other guy la kan! - still cant figure out what women want!! fuh~ =_=
  • has a bro that cant control himself from drinking ur blood!! ~~scaryy
  • has a family that is very supporting, and accepts u in their family too..sweet kan..hehe
Well...these are all i could think of right now...
so, a vampire boyfriend..seems nice..

hey i remembered one thing!
Vampires are supposed to be scared of the SUN!
supposedly la..kalau ikut cerita2 berunsurkan vampire sebelum2 nie*
when a ray of sun hits their pale skin, they BURN LIKE CRAZY!
(ingat masa dulu Sports Day kat skola, kena berdiri kat padang time kawad kaki tu
matahari panas, kulit pun rasa terbakar gak...hurmm)

SOOO..pehal 'EDUARDO' aka Edward ni leh bersinar2 macam DIAMONDS lak nie??
and its suppose to be like a curse to him..?
Thats why la vampires dont like to play by the beach,
everyone will chase them n try to skin them alive for their diamond-like skin?!
*huhu lisa dalam mode merepek da...
but before they can skin those poor vampires,
the unexpecting humans will be eaten by them - FOR SURE!!hahahaha
Good strategy eyh Vamps? ;)

Anyways, if u've even read the book (Twilight series)
u'll see that its a waste of time to watch the movie version..
coz u let u imagination run wild when u read a book!
the Edward i imagined was not R.Pattinson...hehehe
but..dont get me wrong fans of him, Pattinson is a good actor, i just liked him better in Harry Potter..hehe
(with not too much makeup splashed on him!)

alyzv~prefer 'normal' boys rather than supernatural ones..

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