Thursday, December 17


just like many nights before
u and i rested on the floor
i rolled to the left and u followed
with no care of the world that is sorrowed
we jumped to the right
yea, it felt so right
coz we had so much fun that night.

i needed u as much as u needed me
u see,
and i'd do my part of just being me.
 we watched a movie,
it was hilarious
we laughed and screamed (people would've thought we were delirious]
but even so we knew we had fun

never wanting it to end even though there was none.

now u i am missing
to come and play whenever u come visiting
delighted i feel when you are around
u can see i have no frown
the times i cherish
i will never diminish
as long as u're still in my heart,
as long as we never part,
i pray that u'll wear the 'crown'.

alyzv~bored+dunno what else to do = poem mode
hope u loved it! :-*

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