Saturday, December 19

The RM10 Collection

So these are some of my collection of old notes which dates back from i dont know when (i wasn't born into this world yet)
U might've been wondering how i came to get my hands on these treasures right?
I found it laying on the sidewalk in KL..HA!GOTCHA!
But..seriusly, i found it laying around at my kampung, so i took some for 'adoption'..heh..

Ringgit Malaysia 10 has always been RED in colour till to this day..
BUT these note have some differences,

1.The 1st note was the one of the first notes issued by the Bank Negara Malaysia during the year 1967.

2. Notice the spelling of 'SA-PULOH' in the 1st note? In the year 1972 the spelling was changed to 'SE-PULUH' , i accordance to the renewed Bahasa spelling system.

3. The 1st and 2nd notes were signed by the BNM Gabenor during that time, Tun Ismail bin Mohamed Ali.

4.However in 1982, the notes issued by BNM were signed by a new Gabenor, Tan Sri Aziz bin Hj Taha.

5. All four notes contain the portrait of the first DYMM Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.

Impressive huh?

ATTN: To any Collectors out there interested in these notes u may contact me through my email

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