Sunday, December 6


*random stuff

The holidays
Pictures from ur childhood past
Hanging out with friends
Love at first sight
Ur first crush
Monkey love (cinta monyet)
First bicycle ride
First fall from ur first bicycle ride..hehe
First time on the roller coaster
The clear sky
Funny shaped clouds
The morning air
Sharing a joke with nenek
SMS from a long lost friend
Laughs with ur bestie
Eating chocolate covered pretzels with a loved one
A horror movie that turns out to be a funny one when u watch it with friends
Just sitting at the beach..enjoying the breeze
Taking crazy pictures with friends
Ur IC photo of when ur 12years old (mmg budak2 gile)
Setting ur own photo as ur handphone wallpaper
Award for best student
A Mr. Pink Whistle book
BookStores!! (makes me most happy!)
Pink stuff
Purple stuff
Ur first flower from a guy
A sincere smile from a friendly stranger
Little chats with a random someone at the bustop or bus
Knowing u can come home anytime
The ride home from college (balik kampung!)
First time playing fireworks!! (at 18years old!)
A finally balanced financial statement! (lega gile!!)
Watching an old happy couple dating by the lake
Cute babies!
Cats!luv cats!!
Jogging (a healthy body makes a happy u ;)
Walking for 1km and not feel tired just coz ur busy laughing and talking along with friends
Sleeping on your own comfy bed
Being able to lose some weight without even knowing HOW u did it
Riding on a bus and not knowing where it'll stop just for the thrill of a new adventure
Your first school concert where u have to wear costumes and HEAVY makeup
Not being able to watch TV, but can still enjoy a good book/novel
OR maybe a nice chat with ur roomie ;)
Reminiscing ur old school,friend,teachers,everything! - n just smiling by urself
Being able to find ur old school friends in Facebook,Myspace etc!
Typing a new post for ur blog
A surprise visit from someone u really3 miss
Feeling happy for a friend who is happy
Not have enough money but still have fun sharing food with friends
Playing dress-up n makeup so tebal like a 'mak nyah'..haha
Swimming in the sea..n jumping at the waves come
Being able to buy that book,or toy, or dress,or camera u wanted after u saved up for many months
Being praised for something u r proud of
Ur first car - even though it is not exactly ur dream car
Ur first driving experience
Turning up the car radio and sing-along loudly to ur favourite songs
Hanging out in a calm n peaceful library
Being a romantic once in a while
Being a pessimist - think positive ;D
Songs from the 80's n 90's .. really missed them
Waking up early in the morning
Reading a good manga or comic book
Meeting up long lost family members
The air u breathe
Still have the chance to live life to the fullest
Being urself (=

alyzv~have any more things u feel happy about?lets share.. :)

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