Thursday, December 31



gotta wake up reaaallly early for tomorrow,
its a long drive from Putrajaya to Kuantan
(dalam 3-4 jam)
Well, not very long once u get the hang of it.
Its been 2 years since i've made KTN my 2nd kampung..haha!

Since KL (my actual kampung) is not really a kampung
*like what all my friends says to me
When i return to KTN at least i the feel of
"BALIK KAMPUNG OOOOH!BALIK KAMPUNG!" - sang by the late Sudirman

So..tomorrow is gonna be a tiring day for me..
and i 'miss' my house back there..haha!
~wonder what else is missing since we've been gone..huhu
(Astaghfirullah al-azim! !Tak baik doakan camtu lisa..) to do list i haven't done yet
(i keep it locked in my head)..
One thing is that~
I'm not the kind of 'List' girls,
the ones who like to write down lists and check them up as each one is accomplished..
*although this is one of the attributes a would be accountant should have!
BUT!I can't..i can think up and write down some lists,
but i won't guarantee that it'll be consistent..haha
Sometimes what ever comes to mind,
i'll just do it.
(call me spontaneous..but i also sometimes go by the rules)
Provided i think TWICE before executing action..or else i'll make a total fool of myself (again n again lisa)

Hope i have a safe trip 2morrow..
dont wanna be driving next to crazy buses..huhu
(seram kot!)
Brrrrrr~ *goosebumps not IKLAN coke k ;)

alyzv~yay DIA6!


IZZA said...

u stdy UiTM mne?

Alyssa Villamor said...

actly kolej bersekutu uitm..heh ;)

IZZA said...

kt mne?

Alyssa Villamor said...

kt kuantan :)

ted said...

good luck.
i ex uitm masscomm. hehe welcome to the family!