Thursday, December 31

1st of January, Year 2010

PECUM!PECUM! <--sounds of fireworks haha

Yay bubye 2009Photobucket
i'll really really miss U!
all the great times we shared together,
and the bad stuff, i'll still remember,
but somehow i'll just keep it in the 2009 box for awhile.

(do note that its already 1431Hijrah for the Islamic Calender)
ingat yg ni, kang wat malu je bile orang tanya n hang x tau!

Besides that i want to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend
(takut nak taruk gamba kang kena marah dgn makcik sorang nie)
hehe guaw yek syg Photobucket
If u're reading this, this means i'm still the 1st person to wish u for the 2nd time!yay!

But for me every time a new year comes,
it is the time for me to remember things are not always HAPPY and FUN,
there's a time when sad-ness creeps along
and it is the time to remember to whom I belong to..ALLAH SWT..

Why this time of the year..when most of the people in the world are crowding and shouting and cranky(coz of traffic jam) are out there looking at flower fires that costs thousands and lasts for only 2minits tops..?

Coz exactly today is the 3rd year my Onyang, Batiah Hj Jaafar (my granma's aunty) left us.
It was New Years Eve during that time, and the day of burial was Raya Haji..
While ppl were celebrating the fireworks,
we were, well, u know where...

So, to all that has left us, to be with God~ Al-Fatihah ...
n May God Bless them all amin~


Anonymous said...

hepi new year!

IZZA said...

hepi new year!