Wednesday, December 30



Monkey1: So this new year thing..u guys feeling excited?

Monkey2: erm...

Monkey3: Sure am!!boy o boy o boy!

Monkey2: emmm...

Monkey1: Well everyone's pretty choked up about the big 20 ten! Any resolutions?

Monkey2: (speaking softly to himself) only the ones i know of in TV~

Monkey3: Huh?! Whadidyasay?

Monkey2: ...

Monkey1: Hey guys! Its a great new start right? I mean apart from the economy n other sh*t, every things fine right?

Monkey3: YEAH! LET'S PARTAY!!wooo~~

Monkey2: Me thinks am not joining youst.

Monkey1: Oh come on dont be a party pooper, lets! Its fun time! Its the new year man! Lets welcome it!

Monkey2: No thank you..its better to sit at home, be thankful to God that we're still here in this world and able to even catch a glimpse of just another big number. 01/01/10 is just another date to me. I feel grateful to even be able to see and talk to u guys! 
The angle of Death could've taken me anytime. Its not the time to party guys, its a time to remember God and forgive n forget among friends n family.

So here's me asking for forgiveness n i hope u have a good year ahead.insya Allah amin~ ;)


ticnube said...

still cant believe that im gonna old in 2 days,..

Alyssa Villamor said...

ur bday is on new year?
best nye..same as my friend ;)