Friday, December 25

Putera Katak @ The Frog Prince

Once upon a time there was a boy, yes, a normal boy.
He was no prince. He had not a single royal blood in him. BUT he was a boy for certain and learning to become a man. (sounds cheesy i know, my story!)

One day as he was browsing in the pond, just looking at some fishes. And maybe also hoping to catch one, he met a girl. And by this i mean a girl-frog.
I mean what else can u find in a pond??

You might've been wondering, how did he know that that frog was a girl?
Obviously, the frog looked like a girl, talked like a girl, moved like a girl(?)
WAIT!! A talking frog?? Impossible..u may say (in this day an age, nothing is impossible, even talking chipmunks!)

So this boy, who was not accustomed to talking frogs, BUT amused at the same time by the articulate ways of the she-frog, befriended her.

Again you are wondering, wouldn't the boy be frightened or think he's crazy as to even SEE plus HEAR plus SPEAK to a talking-girl-frog?!
He was at first, but he let that feeling amuse himself, it was a new feeling, something different, something he had never ever felt before in his life!
I mean..a girl-frog!

The girl-frog told the boy that she was just a normal frog in the pond. And incidentally the boy could hear her, when no one else could. In the pond she was the frog with brains, coincidentally, for that was the only thing she could do, the only contribution she ever felt she gave to the pond community.

Then again, the boy still met up with the frog by the pond in every way he could, if he ever had the time, he would bring her to a different place, for an exciting adventure. (they both loved going for adventures) Every time is was a new one, and never bored of each others company.

Till one day, the boy expressed his feelings of fond-ness to the girl-frog. But she knew that they were never meant to be. They were both totally different. Both very much needed in their own separate worlds where they came from. And if both of their worlds were to combine, it would somehow be a disaster, conflict, impossible....MAGIC! Love..

BUT the girl-frog had the same feelings for the boy too..
She accepted him and gave her heart,
and him his heart too.
Suddenly, from that moment on, the girl-frog turned into a Princess
and the boy her Prince.

The end? Not quite yet my friends, you see,
it doesn't matter if you're a frog, or a cat, a dog, whatever..
in the end its Love and Friendship that bonds us together..
Peace to da world! (havent used this tagline in a longgg time)

alyzv~my own version!hope u enjoyed it =)

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