Monday, December 21

Girls and PMS

OMG!Its that time of the month again!!

Ok i'm being open minded here..
PMS(Premenstrual Symtoms) is a topic that some girls are still shy to talk about publicly..but here's a 'shocker' girls, even BOYS know what PMS means, and they sometimes talk about it! (dont u guys?)

It is common among girls, to blame their PMS
so that they'll get a little sympathy from their guy @ girl friends,
so that they'll get an easier task at work,
so that they'll get to have a longer recess time then the others,
so that their full anger level is forgiven,
so that their BF will pamper them more.
the list goes on and on and on.....

Its true that some girls have mood swings when this time comes,
and the sweet girl u used to know and love has transformed into 'The Incredible Hulk'!
BUT only once a month right?
U'll manage to get by that.. =D

A guy once said to me, that he wants to change that perspective of PMS,
that it is not JUST BECAUSE of pms that girls turn cranky and bitchy.
Did he succeed? I dont know.
What happened to that girl?
She managed to control her PMS..yeah..there is such thing as controlling ...
but not because of that guy (of course)..

How come u might ask?
When u have PMS every single month for every single year u celebrate ur birthday,
u tend to get used to it!
THUS u can control it, and the pain just feels 2nd nature..correct?
(Just dont get close to us when we're i TOTAL PAIN!)

And about the anger management thing..
(Espacially) To guys out there, just because a girl gets mad at u,
AND its a coincidence that u pushed her buttons at that time of month!
DONT blame her PMS on that..!
Its the same situation when make her angry and moody during normal days.

alyzv~i love PMS! haha!


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Att said...

true..we make PMS as the reasons for everything happened. I was moody, blame the PMS..bla..bla..bla..