Saturday, May 30

like Juliet & Romeo

heh sounds too cliche doesn't it..
well, we are all familiar with the story of Romeo n Juliet
~Forbidden Love
Boy falls in love with Girl...
Both from 2 very different backgrounds...
Both very in love with each other...
However their love was forbidden by their families..
The sad ending is what gets me everytime,
(Romeo dies right beside Juliet,
thinking that she drank the poison that 'killed' her,
BUT it turns out that she didn't really drink that poison!!)
i guess that's the sacrifice people make for love

The list of silly things people do to love n be loved in return
is totally endless
sometimes even absurd,stupid,insane!!

well, im sure there are many Juliets' n Romeos' out there
n i mean ones that r true to love
pure n simple,
hurtful but kind,
addictive yet soothing!

experiencing the 'life' of J&R is not as easy as it seems
u may confess ur love..but r words enough to keep it fresh?
u may fight..but for how long?
u may be strong..but do u have enough courage to be strong?

just like i've said earlier,
love makes people do silly things
making the impossible seem possible
like magic..
its a wondrous thing-to love n be loved

i just wished that
some people would appreciate it
the gift of love, it's special...
n it lasts for a lifetime
no matter what u do, u can't stop it.

alyzv~Juliet modern (ceh jiwang)


maliQ said...

thanx for following
nice blog!
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hoho XD

Noor Alyssa Villamor said...

yay im ur official 'follower' now rite??
dun go teaching me weird2 stuff la k..
this post is probably 1 of my favs :p