Monday, June 1

idea mmg ade tapi tibe2 je hilang {writer's block}

speaking about writer's block
lisa teringat my worst experience of writer's block ever!!
mase tu Form 3..kalau tak silap,
it was the evaluation month
(dimana markah2 of pelajar terbaik dikumpul utk present ke cikgu2 lain)
so, my class teacher @ that time, Pn Saz,
asked me to create an English essay in 1 night!
due to the stress of PMR exams, i really wasn't in the mood
to write essay's!!
tapi, ape nk wat, cikgu da mintak tlg, just do it! =D

malam tu jugak nk carik idea essay nie,
keje math tak siap2 lagi,
tapi essay lagi penting! huh
*will do anything to get extra marks! ;p

so mula la lisa mencari2 idea yang dipetik dari langit ke brapa tah,
semua nye merepek belaka~
terasa kesian lak kat kayu2 balak yang ditebang demi pendidikan pelajar2 seantero dunio
bukan balak ~ kayu balak nye sahaje yek

malam pn semakin gelap and still no writing..
lisa pn makin gile - tension sebab keje xsiap2 lagi..huh
[makin lanjut usiaku makin gile]
jadik i rested for awhile,
closed my eyes,
took a long deep breath
n start to write..
i dun remember what i wrote exactly
but i know that it wasn't my most perfect writing..
still i got close to full marks!
well, was it worth it?
but i wished i had a second chance to repair my essay..

if ur wondering..NO im not a perfectionist!
i just like to do things my way, clean n simple~
maybe a bit agressive
tips: that's what u have to understand when u r working
with a Leo-ian

hmm about that writer's block?
i still experience it often ,
maybe because i don't have the time to replenish my
reading + vocab..
i really need to improve my English more.. =(

my own formula of learning..?
Speak > Read > Write

alyzv~bosan, xtau kenapa tibe2 cite sal writer's block lak..huhuh

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