Wednesday, May 27

No. 41, Jalan Chowkit

There was an old woman living in an old house in the middle of KL - Chowkit.
That little house was the place where everything started,
it was her home, her shelter, her life...

Not many people walking the streets of Chowkit know of her existance,
but only if u've ever walked INTO that house,
u would never forget her:
her smile, her laugh,
her energy that will make u happy when u have a chat with her
~A 'sporting' grandma is what my friends call her..heh

she's just an old lady

A little girl use to call her 'nenek!nenek! nk ... '
every thing she wanted, nenek will get for her
just name it n she'll get it
But that was all in the past,
now u'll only hear 'lisa!lisa!'

Becoming an unofficial 'part-time nurse' is not as easy as it seems
now i know how it feels to work as a real nurse @ the hospital
~pening kepala seyh!!
a SALUTE / TABIK HORMAT to all the nurses out there
for their hard work taking care of patients,
making them feel like home.. =)

huhu walaupun lisa mmg xminat keje2 cmni,
tapi when u have to go through it,
u will definately appreciate the work of others!!

bout that old lady..
if u plan on walking around KL, why not stop by the kampung house in Chowkit Road
it is just between the row of shop houses,
many people may not notice it
because it is hidden behind the huge pink guava tree
however if u look closely,
there you will find the old woman
sitting at the sofa,
observing people walking to and fro KL
wondering what they are up to, pondering if she will ever be able to walk in the streets of KL like she used to once upon a time,
bored of just sitting in that house doing nothing but sleep.

If u have the time, just visit that old lady
she won't bite, i promise u
she may be the most happiest person in the world if u came over to say 'hye' to her.

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