Friday, August 17

We Believe What We Want To Believe

Here comes another cute cat gif


haha comel gila!!

Just something to cheer me up today,
it's raining and there's something i needed to get out of my chest..

For all the times u stood me up
the times u say u won't 
For all the times u say u're sorry
and promise me i'll never worry
U live inside a book,
filled with empty dreams
perfect nothingness
U were happy in ur own world.
I could only patch up what was broken,
to undo things that were unspoken
live my life as it should be - un-lonely
I've found myself,
the only reason for me to laugh and smile.
To never regret one inch of u,
the path i'd chosen before
just made me find what i needed more.

I believe that i've forgiven u,
but u'll never know what i've been through.

-Nothing i could say or do would make me forget u,
u've made ur choice when u had the chance
i've moved on..u should too.


Intan Norhaida said...

i dont really like cats..but i dont hate them...:)

Alyssa Villamor said...

haha u can't hate cats,they're cute kan! ;)