Saturday, August 25

The Smile


So it's been a week of raya and reality is coming closer and closer
Only 2 more weeks till the new semester (final!) opens,
6 more months of studying and then it's
another whole new life
Welcome to the Working Class~

I think too much! =(

Raya this year was not quite different then others,
As i grow older i find that i miss the Ramadhan month more than i enjoy the 1st of Syawal.

Though it's the only day of the year 
we get to meet relatives old and young,
there's just that different kind of smile we only yearly get to see.
For the kids,
smiling after they get their duit raya,
shouting for joy n playing bunga api
Then there's the newly weds first Raya,
the feeling of sharing a special day with new relatives
Tearful smiles for the older ones,
the smile of finally getting to meet after so long
seeing how the other is so wrinkly but still strong
some with toothless smiles.

Finally there's the kinda awkward smile,
shared between those relatives u've never met
or never be introduced to (or maybe we're not friendly enough?)
tapi main salam je
Then u only sit down quietly with ur sibling and stuff the face with more kuih raya!

As we finally get older, there's no such thing as getting duit raya
only the joy of getting to eat my favourite kuih and rendang!
The result:
Masa bulan puasa turun 5 kilo, lepas raya naik balik 5 kilo!! haha

Haa just my kind of Raya :)

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Intan Norhaida said...

me....before raya shed not even 1 kg but gain another few kilos after raya!!huhu...