Monday, May 14

Of Seamonkeys, Furby and Dolls

I remembered a time when i was just a little girl
i was envious of the toys my friends get to have

tadpole like creatures which seemed cute back then looks kinda like an alien to me now!
Cute furry robot pets that can talk n sing

a portable game console! this was really hot back then..

If i could i wanted it all to myself..but not all i can have..even when i wanted it so badly,
my mom knew that i'd cherish a good book rather than some product that'll only last a few months! (but really, i really3 wanted a GAMEBOY!) 

There were many things my parents got for me, but i never ask for more cos i know the kinds of things i could or could not have. Whether i wanted it so badly or just becos i wanted to fit in with the rest.

This was all in the past, 
of when we were just kids,
Anything everyone was having we wanted to have to,
not wanting to miss out on the fun.
Afraid of being left out.

I thought that i've grown out of this
but the fact is i kinda am not.
There is this other thing that a majority of my friends are into...
Something that kinda makes one feel like
"I want to have this too!!"

Something that  involves Commitment
Forever binding 2 entities,
Something that needs one to be Prepared
Knowing that it is the right Time.

Though i know its just a feeling inside of me
its just like that feeling i have when i was young
To feel what it is like.

It is just not my time right now,
i cant deny that i'm happy for my friends 
they actually managed to go through the next stage in their lives
at this age.

I can't do it. Just coz i've become so skeptic about Love.
Every love story that used to make sense,
only seemed so dumb,it's like giving out false hopes.
I don't believe in happy endings anymore.

I don't know when i'll be able to achieve that,
the way one falls head over heels over the other.
The way u feel when u've found the right one.
There is still many flaws for me to work on.

If u want something, u gotta make ur self worth the catch.

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