Saturday, April 28

Being Considerate: 3 Magic Words

from google~

"I am SORRY"

"Could you PLEASE help me with these?"


See how those 3 different words make such positive n calm effect not just to you,
but also to the one using them..It gives the sense of humbleness (merendah diri as we say in Malay), of respect for one another.

Respect is important in a relationship, be it with friends or family.
It is with this people appreciate u more, and treat u with the same respect that u deserve.

However there are some people who misinterpret this respect and in return treats u like dirt. Just the kind of people who are selfish and ignorant of their surroundings.
Feeling superior over the other instead of at least showing the least bit of appreciation.

No, it's not about hoping for return in compliments. It's about creating the positive energy for everyone to enjoy. It's about feeling that u have accomplished something and it is absolutely WORTH IT. 

from le google~

'Nuff said!

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