Sunday, April 22

Fixed on Fiction

le FIXI books
Here i am once again, fixed on my reading gig!
Though i am quite surprised that i managed to finish reading 3 'Malay language' books within 2 weeks! (eh, btl ke 2 weeks? btl la kot)

I say Malay language instead of Novel..because unlike the normal cliche Novel 
(cintan cintun dan islamic love and forbidden love..well basically LOVE sells eh!) u see in bookstores,
these books, published by FIXI are specially reserved for people who r kinda into pulp fiction..most of these writers are bloggers who are trying to bring out fresh ideas in writing..which is a breath of fresh air for someone like me!

p/s Search PULP then u'll get the gist eyh :) 

So first i read KOUGAR, then ZOMBIJAYA n last night i finished reading KELABU! yeay!

All three books are written by different writers, and with their distinguished writing styles.

KOUGAR tells us about a woman who may be classified as 'Andartu' by social standards,
hot (mcm singa kelaparan..huhu) and she's out looking for her soul mate..a young one at that..hence the title = kougar.

Mi Comment: BEST! Just cos it's the first book that gave positive impact to me, and enticed me to read more FIXI books!huhu 

Imagine ur hometown filled with zombies, Imagine zombian rakyat Malaysia! Then u could be imagining ZOMBIJAYA! =D 

Le Pendapat: Hey, we're already zombies in our own's no surprise if we actually turn in flesh eating zombies..Call in the Plants to get rid of em! (haha da byk men game Plants vs Zombies nie) Though,i gotta be frank, this one really got me sleeping like a log at nite just cos i couldn't picture a scary zombie in my mind~

kinda looks like billie from greenday?

KELABU which is by far the most interesting book i've ever read, the climax n surprises it holds still rings in my head..If u're looking for something weird,out-of-this-world, this may be the book for you (for me tis weird,and i dont regret immerging in that weirdness). Though i cant tell u WHY coz it'll only ruin the story..Just Read it Kay!

So there goes my express review on those 3 books..if u by chance ever saw these books,and thought "how weird and interesting their cover n one-word title is!" and rethinking of buying them..just take a one and u'll probably want to read more! That is,if u're into weird stuff like moi ;)

Till next time..tata~ 

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