Monday, March 19


There was this guy i saw at a mall,
he was sitting on a bench quite hidden from people, leaning towards someone 
in a 'manja' way
my first thought - he's cuddling up with his girlfriend..PDA much!

So i walked past the loving couple
and saw that the girlfriend ...

was actually a boyfriend!

What i'm trying to say here is that public perception says that it's wrong for 
two guys to share affectionate feelings.

Nonetheless there's also this perception that an unmarried couple (boy and girl) should not 
be too immersed in PDA (not sure if this is correctly used) in public 
BUT it is MUCH more wrong if two guys does the same thing.

Two of the somewhat same kind of wrongs but nobody does nothing of it when either of it happens in front of their eyes. Just shrug it off and live on with their normal lives.

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