Thursday, June 9

Letter to Aisyah

Assalamualaikum Aisyah,
(hope u r reading this)

From the first moment i heard ur name, I never knew u would be trouble. 
U met him at a bus stop in front of 7E. U approached him. 
Him, being the friendliest little creature i've ever known, befriended u.
U were having problems urself (i call it mental). 

He told me, everything, about u. Just so that he and i won't fight
just because of u.
But the fact is i saw it in his eyes, he really liked u. He's always liked u Aisyah.

One day he told me, that u like him. U told him that u can't live without him.
From that day, i keep telling him, "Don't let her feelings get to u my dear. What about my feelings?"
But i know, i can't stop the stubborn person he is. He said that u were just friends.

So..i let him be. I trusted him. 

Hey Aisyah, I've never met u. Though there were countless times that he 
wanted to introduce us. 
That never happened, because in the end he chose me. 
Or maybe he was afraid i'd lose my cool and jump on u.

Aisyah..u wouldn't know how happy i was. To still be the one. 
But i was possessive then. I didn't learn yet that, God could take away all you love
in a blink of an eye. Semua ni dunia je kan.

I didn't know that he didn't deserve me.
I was blinded by so called love. The sense of belonging to someone.
And on being loved, i depended on him to love me.
I depended too much on love.

I remembered one day he suddenly cried. Confessing to me, he did me wrong.
He went out with u, all the way to Genting. 
U went to the same rides he and i went to before. 
It broke my heart to pieces. Nonetheless i still loved him. 
He told me he'd never see u again, to be ever so faithful to me.

I was happy. I smiled. 
That was the end of Aisyah.

Aisyah.i write u this letter out of gratitude. To finally see him in his true form.
NO. To see me in my own true form. 
I was stubborn as well, living in denial. 'Love' made me blind.
I thought love was definite. But he proved me wrong. 
He wasn't the right one.

Aisyah, i regard u as a friend i never knew. I know how hard it is to be in ur shoes. 
To like someone who loves somebody else more. 
U can't be that stubborn because u know, in the end u'll just be 
alone again.
My dear friend, just realize that there are other great guys out there,
who deserves u more.
Look closer. 
There is always the guy who's always been there when u cried
who was always there to cheer u up, telling u such stupid jokes
(but u still laugh, thinking, where on earth did he get these jokes)
Who was always there to comfort u. Making sure u don't cry.
Don't lose him.

p/s: nice girls don't finish last. they get the best ending ever. just wait.


Misha Mulio said...

"nice girls don't finish last. they get the best ending ever. just wait."


Alyssa Villamor said...

thanks dear, i know what i'm doing :)
luv u too~