Thursday, May 19

Matter load

Photobucket"THBT (This House Believes That) Reading is Awesome!"

Since being a debater,
life has been more interesting.
I mean every thing i see and do 
read and hear and say has always been about rhetoric
and i've never fully utilized that up till my debating debut
(@ Ramadhan IV, MMU)

Now every bit of news or information
~Politics, Environment, Culture, Health, Economics, World News
i have to keep up to date with
If not, i'll definitely feel the risk of regret for not knowing!

PhotobucketIgnorance is Bliss,
Knowledge IS Power.

hot geek
And to have that u have to READ!

Through all the tournaments i've been to
i've been amazed by how much a (pardon the language) GEEK would know!
PLUS the geeks are H.O.T which makes them ever more becoming
haha ok2 back to my topic~

Here i am reading about things 
i wouldn't be reading about before
i.e LAWS OF WAR, International Humanitarian Law (IHL), ICRC, the Crusade ... etc
yessss all relating to wars and history! 
drives me crazy to read all these 
but i try to develop the interest for the sake of debate (here here!)

All i can say is that
i LOVE debate
and it thought me how to be more persuasive
(but i know i haven't reached that level quite yet)
Photobucketmore knowledgeable
more rhetorical 
more confident.
Everything more than u can ever imagine! =D

I'll tell you why in a second.

Did you know that there are three formats of debate?  
(Asian Parliamentary, Australasian, British Parliamentary)
everyone in the world follows these formats for each of the specified periods in a year.
Did you know that Prostitution is legal in some parts of the world? 
And did you know that ABORTION is also made legal in a state in the US? 
(its something about women's right .. getting to be in control of her own body)
Have u ever heard of the word Euthanasia
Then there's the debate on Libya, sanctions, foreign policy and such..
which i haven't manage to grasp :(
but i'll get there soon ~ Insya Allah

PhotobucketHaaa i wouldn't have known this before
and maybe i wouldn't even care!

All the degrees and diplomas u have doesn't prove u to be someone really really clever
not if u never use it
NOT if u only limit urself to what u learnt during ur college years
Read More! Utilize Ur Brain! Learn More!

Conclusion: Read until u die ! Bwahahah! No la, actually i wanted to refer to this :

alyzv~ am actually bloated with matter loading tonight,just trying to relax myself here.

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