Tuesday, May 17

Love Fool vs Love Me

Listen to these two songs
and tell me which one u liked the best



Love Fool is one of my MOST FAVOURITE SONGS!!
just coz it was the OST of Juliet+Romeo
(got Leonardo de Caprio ok!)
one of those modern Romeo & Juliet movies back in 1996
(well it seemed modern back then)

The new version of this song
sounded cheeky though
"Fool me fool me, I love how u do me"
Hmm..a girl could have wet dreams hearing those words Justin B

I've been listening to songs
from the 90's and Now
Comparing these kinds of love songs.

Songs nowadays are more straight-forward
Just straight to the
'I Love You'
{or i less than 3 u}
lack in poetry and romance
(haha..ok im a romantic!)
 and sooooo cliche

And songs wayyy back then were so full of praises
I mean..u praise somebody
and then u say the 3 Magic Words
and it seemed more

Songs nowadays are full of digital stuff
and lack real voice .. soul.

Anybody agree with me?

1 comment:

Azyan said...

the love fool is kinda nice tho but if its between jb,its definitely gonna be JUSTIN BIEBER
love me <3