Monday, May 16

Education Much?

Beauty vs Brains

My friends n I were hanging out by the beach (Marina Bay) this one night
Right after we had our dinner..where? I cant remember. was the night before our TAX490 paper! Haha
We were stressed out and decided to clear our minds or a while.

So..there we the darkness (apparently they forgot to pay their electricity bills?)
many lovers were seen 'expressing' their love to one another~
But still we chilled there for a sec, enjoying the evening breeze.

My friends asked me to open new topics..
We went from talking about Osama to Tsunamis then Love and  Marriages
Then one of my friends asked me

"Lisa, if you had a choice would u choose a guy with or without 
(higher) education? " 

i've always had a thing for nerdy guys (GEEKS!) 

AHAH I love this question!
Since they DO know the kind of guy that turns me on 
(see above)

-Curly hair
-Wearing glasses
(just to name a few)

I say:
Yes. I'm more attracted to educated guys.
Guys that know something more than i do. But that doesn't mean 
i would choose a guy with a paper signed by Mr Vice Canselor of U of Whatever
compared to one with street smarts enough to gain him a favourable career.

It doesn't matter whether he has a college degree or not
All that matters is he has the smarts to build his career
and guide his family. 

"Doesn't really matter what the eye is seeing
Cause I'm in love with the inner being
- Janet Jackson"

All i know is that nobody is perfect.
Nobody i too good or too bad for you
it is those imperfections that make 2 become 1.

alyzv~ da lama ok tak jiwang :P


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