Saturday, May 14

Beauty is Skin-deep.

As I was sitting in my room minding my own business
Well, actually I was studying for my FAR430 paper.
My housemates were watching TV, NONA I think and it was featuring weddings and stuff
(blame me for not really paying attention)

Then came to the part where they showed the groom

ok this is alex 'HOT' pettyfer..not the groom in NONA..

“Smart gile!”

These were some of the shouts I heard from those TV-goers.

Then I smiled to myself, and remembered what one of my friends used to tell me,
“You know lisa, u can’t blame guys when they keep on ogling on and praising beautiful girls. Girls are just the same!”

awww..i want this cat-frog!! TOO CUTE!
Yeah. True. I agree girls are just as shallow as a guy could be.
If told to choose between a fugly frog and a dashing horse
90% would go for the horse.. even if that horse is full of crap  - looks can be deceiving.
This is how most girls contradict with what they like to say to their guy friends
“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

hey babe, i know u can't resist my emo
hairstyle ;)
A guy would always want to look at cute @ hot @ ayu girls
A girl would always be excited whenever a handsome @ kacak guy walks by
(Yes! We do this. Discreetly.)
Even though they don’t know who that person is.

I say both genders are the same.
It’s how God made us, to love looking at beautiful things.
To judge and appreciate the beauty that God made us.

So whenever a guy friend says “Wow, that girl is totally hot!”
Just agree with him (unless she is really not that hot)
And remind yourself, you would do the same.

alyzv~  Beauty is Subjective.

Oh do watch this .. really liked how he explained about beauty :) 

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