Thursday, April 7

What's New?

Many things are new,
new things that should be explored.
But somehow..there are some new things
that seem old to me
Things that i feel un-interested in,
things that used to fascinate me seems more and more unattractive.
I wonder why.

Could it be that 
i've grown immune to it?
or that i'm too tired to pursue it even?
I'm weighing the possibilities of it being able to bring me any benefits.
And even if it offers me GOLD,
i'll be ever wondering if i even NEED this gold.

Like i said earlier,
nothing amuses me these days.

I wonder why?

Most days, my head feels like it wants to explode
and only some times, 
my body feels like it wants to float away.

It needs to run far,
but there's an anchor forcing me to stay.
I keep telling the devil inside me to keep her thoughts to herself,
but the little creature inside tells me 
to 'follow ur head' - the waiting-to-explode-head of mine.

People change,
and u can't expect them to revert
that's how life goes, there is no such thing as a 'reverse gear'
u wish, hope that everything will be just like it used to
but then u'll never learn
u'll never hope if u've never been through that experience.
u'll be the same old happy (content) u.

I read once, 
a friend will believe the smile on ur lips,
but a true friend will believe the sadness in ur eyes.
i try to be satisfied with what i have right now,
but God created us and gave us 'Greed'
there's always this feeling 
to always have what u don't really need
but then i'm always blinded by the things i do need.

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