Saturday, March 26

The Power of Stalking

PhotobucketI jokingly said to my friend, one day i'll stalk u and find out EVERYTHING about u.
Well..not everything..just the JUICY DETAILS that is.

So where else to do this other than the ever famous FACEBOOK!  
*at times like this u really2 thank that zuckerberg guy for inventing this thing

Ahah, could be ur ONE and ONLY source for stalking on people
i.e ur long-distance bf/gf, ur crush, ur ex, ur friend (or it could be that ur just bored and being nosy! saje nak kepoh2 sikit

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Hey, just admit it, u've stalked quite a lot of people 
since the days of myspace n friendster..right?
THEN..facebook came along and made ur life easier

"Hey, u tahu tak, i dapat tahu si ..bla..bla.. dengan si ..bla..bla.. dah ..bla..bla..kesian..bla..kan.."
"Really? Bila?? Mana u tahu ni ?"
"Ala, i tengok kat FB la ..bla.bla..bla..pfftt! everyone knows that!" [insert gelak gediks di sini]

Then i thought of something, why do people stalk?
Photobucket- To avoid feeling left out of the HOT GOSSIPS - imagine Gossip Girl 
- To feel like u know everything about everybody! macam cool gile la tu kan..
- So that u can brag about what u know that other people don't know of
- To check out on ur crush then share it with a friend, as if u and him/her are a couple (perasan je ni). Then as if, ur crush were a celebrity, u scream out "HANDSOME NYEEEE!","COMEL NYEE!","MACHO NYEEE!" u right click his/her pic and save.
- Ur bored, u have nothing to do. Coincidentally ur favourite past-time activity is STALKING! HA!

Too much stalking could be bad for someone.
But then again there's the matter of whether u actually WANT to be stalked,
or just probably u want people to know what u r doing.
U love it when people knows everything about u,
what u do, what bugs u, the amount of money u spent from 1 sweep of blog shopping..and others~

Final words:
Don't allow people to stalk u too easily,
there are some things u can disclose in public
and some are better left unsaid.

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