Saturday, December 18

Review: A Little History of the World

I borrowed this book from the local library
Have u ever wondered by people talk in different languages?
Do u know why Europe is divided into so many parts?
Have u ever wondered how wars start?

Its kinda weird, reviewing a book that not many people would read..
And probably because..this is the kind of book i RARELY read..
I didn't LIKE History back at school~

However ... 


It wasn't like the boring textbooks we read at school,
it felt just like reading a story book!
Its not that a heavy actually suits people like me.
It didn't bore me to the least and i kept wanting to read more 
Felt like i was living the moment,
the book managed to open my heart to read more
on World History.

Frederick the Great . Joan of Arc . Charlemange . Persia and Rome!
Who or what are they?? U may only find out after reading this book~

I learned how the world was created by the greed of men,
how they felt like it was their responsibility to take over the world.
Come to think of it most parts of the book
was about the wars that surround the Europe and a huge part of Asia continent.

Its war would mostly be about conquering a country,
for fame,power, spreading ideology, and mostly religion.
In wars, countries (most importantly the citizens) involved were treated like yo-yo's.
Going back and forth from one fearless (and sometimes helpless) leader to another.

Throughout the book, i realized that the movie 300
was really taken from history
and of how badly people were treated back then,
how there were many Great men that fought for what they believe in,
of how people were always fighting and 
even at one point forgot what they were actually fighting about.

i felt blessed that i am living in a more peaceful world.

Overall..its a good book to read. And u'll never find a dull paragraph in it.
If u're the kind of person who HATES history
you SHOULD read this book.

alyzv~ thanks to Debating. This is a form of MATTER-LOADING !! :P

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