Friday, December 24

My Tatay

 Try and guess what this object is..?

I call my father 'Tatay'
some of u may seem it a weird name to call,
but actually it means
Dad in Tagalog..

My Tatay~

I just felt like introducing him today,
coz i saw this object (picture at top)
the other day..
My friend and i laughed when we saw this 
and i was kinda surprised that there's a brand named 'TATAY'
Soo..i looked it up in google
and found this webpage~

Its a brand that sells products lines i.e. Bath, Gardening and Household Products!

So, did u manage to guess the picture i showed earlier?
(yes,the one my friend and i laughed about)
It's a stool!

And look at the price!!! 

at first glance i thought it was another cetak rompak product
and of how ridiculously pricey it was!
Goes to show that u shouldn't underestimate things right?

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