Monday, November 15

The Speech That Would Have Been ;p

Assalamualaikum and a very Good Morning to everyone (insert the names of VVIPs).

Alhamduillah, I stand here today thanks to Allah SWT and to all my lecturers, my parents and my friends. All that have stood by me and made me what I am today.

Thanks to my lecturers in IKIP 5;

- Pn Norhayati, who made me LOVE Management Accounting - Thanks for that =)
- Pn Watie, the MOST bubbliest person I ever met, Thanks for everything. Im really going to miss ur cheerfulness.
- En Azizul, the lecturer that loved to make us laugh with his FOOD jokes. Really going to miss ur jokes!
- En Shahrul, who likes to smile always =)
- En Hamdan, the one who's the computer 'geek' :P
- Mr Siva, our mentor from Part 1 till the end.
- Pn Suzana, who always make sure that we are well-coordinated.
- Bonda aka Pn. Lia, who's motherly voice i will miss.
- Pn Ita, Pn Ina, Pn Nisa, Pn Zurina, Pn Eja, Pn Nana, Miss Diana, Miss Ita, Miss Azura
Senang cite, to EVERYONE la! Even the pak guard n librarians n makcik kafe :P
(Sorry if i missed anybody's names?)

Next i would like to wish thanks to all my friends;

- my dearest classmates (asik melekat je kami bertiga + 1) hehe Izzah, Su n Ihsan .. thanks for the great memories we shared =)
- my not-so-classmates from DBS - Ekin, Ein, Ella, Angah, Syuk, Nazmi & Ibtisam
- not to forget the not-so-juniors - Sya, Bo, Kiki, Adi (i miss u so much dear!) and anyone who thinks of me as their senior, but most importantly as a friend :)
- and all the other courses - AD, BBA, ICIS and IKIP-DIP
- to all that knows me
THANKS for the lovely friendship, i hope for the best for you all =)

Finally, I say thanks to my parents Ahmad Omar Villamor and Norhayati Salleh - for bringing me into this world, to be who I am today. I wouldn't be standing here today if i pursued my studies in Pure Science. I wouldn't have any knowledge of Accountancy and Business if it weren't for the guide from my parents. Thank you mama n tatay. =)

I guess this is all I would say in my speech. I jokingly said to one of my friend that my speech would be a really short one which goes like this;

"Assalamualaikum, saya tak tau nak cakap apa tapi terima kasih banyak-banyak!"

So, basically this is a longer version. A thank you speech is all I could give right now, to show my utmost appreciation to EVERYONE.

I pray that we will meet each other again one day and that we could all live the best in live, with the blessings of Allah SWT. With that i end my speech. Thank you and Wassalam =)
ps: tell me if i could really pull this speech off @ the Dewan Jubli Perak :P

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