Wednesday, October 27

Here in 'Shanty Town' ~

Shanty Town*
The town where boredom is not hard to find,
where guys and girls are not happy with what they don't have
or do have,
where anything around counts as entertainment.
- A dead rat by the side of the street
- A lizard 'swimming' in the river (yes, there is a river here)
- Free Chinese Opera aka The rain storm
- Fireworks!
- Shape- changing clouds 
- Traffic jams ( yes..the more cars there are, the more excited the people of Shanty town become)
-Throwing wet tissues from the 10th floor (then laugh at the person who cant see where the tissue went :P)
- Random people karaoke-ing @ the middle of town 
- Girls (wait..its a guy) waiting for someone to ... love
- Guy shouts out for his gf to come down (the closest thing to 'Lagenda Anak Setan')

Ahh...yes..Shanty Town..
the town where everything seems enjoyable.'s THE only drama we can get here,
just as close to Gossip Girl ~

* fictional name but true story.

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