Wednesday, September 1

Of Sounding Convincing

"Mama, i want to go overseas"

I was sure i sounded convincing then, mama thought i was just fooling around
but she was finally convinced when she saw me determined.

So..about the overseas thing..
did i make it? I'm not still waiting for the results..
but please do pray that i'll go away from u
I can't bear to bump into u in the hallway
to see with with another.

"I totally propose/oppose this motion!"

On 27th Aug 2010, i learned how to be more convincing
- by being CONFIDENT.
U can lie and people wont be able to tell the difference.

It was the Ramadhan IV (Inter-Varsity) Debate Competition @ MMU, Cyberjaya
and it was my first debate competition !
An experience i will never forget :)

Although i never got to take many pictures,
(my phone battery was dead for 3 days)
i realize that there is still so much i dont know
so much learning to do
so much experience to gain

Thanks a bunch to my seniors who chose me and my friends to
enter this competition .. i really learned alot and it was actually fun

The adrenaline i felt is quite the same as riding the Space Shot @ Genting Theme Park
I really hope i can go to more competitions like this in the future ~

Do everything i life once, and the fun ones at least twice.

alyzv~ What's the difference between an argument and a debate ?

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Fiedababy said...

salam . praying you for all the best :)
Congrats for those debate comp :)