Sunday, August 15

Seeing the Glass As Half Full

a Zits comic strip

Something is really bugging me right now
but i just cant put my finger into it.

I'm already 21.
Feels like i was just 18 a few weeks ago.
It's funny how i used to dream of being a grown-up
but now i really wished i could be 8 again
singing the bare necessities of life.

 I've always wondered what it is like to be a Princess,
like the ones in Disney movies
but right now i think someone should sue Disney
for making every girl believe she's a Princess.

"She is a Queen
and she should be treated like one."

I can still remember how mama wished me on my 21st birthday.
It went like this ;

'Ahhh..! My stomach hurts!'

'Why mama..have u eaten any medicine?'

''s because u just came out of my stomach!
Happy Birthday Lisa! '

'Haha but i'm already 21 la mama'

'Ur still my baby girl! xoxo'
I may be 21, but there is 
a whole lot of things i haven't explored yet.

Maybe this new life is good for me
to start a new beginning
so that i'll enjoy a better end
I'll just need to be more patient,
that's all.


MuNsYi~SaMa said...

waa..ur mama's cute..the way she wishes you.

happy belated birthday. :)

Yorke Kun said...

i wish i could be 6 before school,really miss that moment!
btw, happy birthday! =)

Matt Leopardus said...

i felt i was just 4 years old yesterday :|