Monday, July 12

Stop Whining .. !

Photobucketwhine : 1. to utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication or complaint; 2. to complain of protest in a childish fashion; 3. to produce a sustained noise of relatively high pitch.

Kinda like this Photobucket
Ok2 the emoticon above is by itself exaggerated.
Whining is what we call 'merengek' in Malay
Something that only seems cute when BABIES do it!

But somehow young-adult girls 
never outgrow them.

How do u handle whiners?
Just 1 thing:
Slap her/him.

Then they'll just go find some other person
to whine to ;p

One thing i hate about whiners
is that they only know how to whine
and annoy people with their whiny noise
but NEVER try to solve the problem 
(that they are forever so complaining about)

And if u do have to complain,
and stop irritating others!




Matt Leopardus said...

wow a brave everybody, stop whining and keep going and winning something ;)

alyzv said...

hehe yes2 aja fighting! =D

twin xl said...

Whining is so darn annoying....I usually just try to ignore people when they whine....the lack of attention usually helps the situation pass.