Friday, July 9

Somewhere in Malaysia

how r u?? 

I really missed u all..and the blogwalking n stuff.. a blogger-holic ;p
hey to those who will be going to that GengBlogger gathering tomorrow im really sorry i cant go
(haha macam la ada yang kenal lisa ni ;p )

Im now in UiTM Melaka taking my B. Accountancy
Yay..Alhamdulillah i can finally continue my degree =D
That explains why i was not able to update this blog of mine,
plus i really have to concentrate on this first Semester of Part4 so that i'll get myself another Deans List
insya Allah amin~

So..what do i think of Melaka?

If u ask me now, i'll answer = Exactly like KL !
But before this i never thought i'd give u that answer
Melaka to me has always been the place tourist (local and foreign) visit
and the 1st thing u want to visit it the A'Famosa
then after u are satisfied with all the shopping and the visiting
u go HOME..thats all..u had a perfect holiday~

But for me now,
THIS is no holiday.
Ironic eyh..hehe

University life for me is a new experience.
Will i be ready to face what's ahead of me?
I pray i will be..amin~

To all my friends, do take care ~
and thanks for still visiting here =)
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Zue_smileyx5 said...

congrats dear...hehe..u owez got dean ke???hebatnya...

Matt Leopardus said...

like KL but without LRT..neway, KL still more happening..

sue tem said...

lisa sma2 kita berusaha dpt dean list sem ni k..huhu

alyzv said...

insya Allah amin~ ^^,

alyzv said...

haha very true!

alyzv said...

thanks =)
dpt DL during my diploma,
tpi nga berusaha tok dapatkan tok degree ni gak