Sunday, July 25

Don't Do Drugs.

just like an addict,
a smoker who just cant keep himself away from the
tempation of lighting a cigarette,
just a whiff of wonderful tasting smoke
The feeling of filling in the emptiness in the soul
with the glorious weight of the genie's favourite food.
Smoke - as if it could heal all the problems in the world.

"Life is full of temptations,
which just adds in the drama.
Everyone is a great actor of their own,
Everyone can act good, but still not seem good as a person."

Sometimes i missed inhaling 'it',
i forgot what i tasted like,
i wanted to feel the excitement of the 'puff of smoke'.
like an addict, i go crazy whenever it drifts apart from me.
the urge to chase it
is stopped abruptly by the countless
times my heart tells me not to.

everyone needs it.
But too much of something may destroy u.
U become addicted,
all u think about is love.
Ur world revolves around that single word - love
where everything else seems so obsolete
u feel like nothing else in the world mattered.
Ur too stoned to even think straight.

Love is just like a drug
U cant take too much of it.
Once u become addicted, the way out is hard to reach.

I'm just grateful im not into drugs.

alyzv~ give a chance for love to get to know u, but dont ever let love control u.


Matt Leopardus said...

yeah, once u become addicted, its hard to stop it..the best way is don't take too much of anything :)

twin xl said...

I'm grateful you're not into drugs, either :)