Sunday, June 6

What She Learnt When In Kuantan (part 1)

Ah's only been approx. 1 month away from Kuantan
& i still miss it there
~ hah?? whats there to miss ?? Photobucket

Ye la, i wont be needing to go back there after this
just one last time to collect my 'Surat Berhenti' la

Actually i've learned alot while my stay in Kuantan,
EVENTHOUGH is still cant speak like the Pahang-ians do
and talk as fast as the Kelantanese ppl 
Photobucket~actually im not even sure if they are really talking in Malay?? huh.. i just laugh if i dunno a word they say :P
& as with so much 'letter G' in every word in Terrengganu..
yang tahu ~ makang ikang dalang pinggang ! hahaha suka ejek my t'ganu friend mcm tu :P
kejap2 'dok,dok' sampai bila balik Putrajaya pun terlekat akhirkan ayat dgn 'dok' !

Haha ok2 lisa tipu la kalau kata tak tahu bahasa t'ganu
tahu sikit je..thanks to Nurul of my closest friend in college..
my other close friend Suhada pulak, orang Pahang, Temerloh to be exact.
haa...tak pernah nk bawak Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak kat kami ni! 
punya la Lisa n Izzah mengidam tahu.. :P

So what did i learn when in Kuantan?

1. Suria FM is the hottest radio station in the East Coast ! 
EVERYONE listens to this station.. ~ which took me quite a long time of getting use to..huhu

2. Being far from ur family doesnt mean ur 'Independent' ... yet
because everytime duit MARA finishes terus dail nombor rumah..hello maaa (sore manja), nk duit..haha :P

3. College is NOT like school !
ur free to style ur hair as u like & u can wear jeans to class! hehe

4. When stress..go to the BEACH ! 
then shout as loud as u can..! or maybe just sit down n watch the waves..

Really gonna miss hanging out by the beach Photobucket

alyzv~ to be continued..its my bros turn to use my laptop..


qyn said...

Ikan patin masak tempoyak ? Sedap tu. Feberet! Hehe. Rindu Temerloh. T.T

RoronoaZoro said...

wahh.. ada jugak destninasi kalo bosan2.. leh gi mall..

kat tganu nie aku xtau nak pergi mana dah.. huhu... kalo desperate sgt.. gi kuantan juga aku.. hehehe..

kalo ada rezki.. kita leh jumpa2 kan? =P

FARID said...

\weh~ nak kain batik segulung!! cepat beli!!! :P

alyzv said...

tau takpe..mmg sedap! dpt makan pun sbb de sorg lagi mem temerloh slalu bawak...hehe

alyzv said...

hehe insya Allah, kalu turun ktn lagi r ;)

alyzv said...

=P org kat putrjaya la, tang mana lak nk dpt kain batik..huuh

Twin XL said...

Not sure about lesson #1, but I totally agree with 2, 3, & 4 :)