Monday, June 7

KTM Attacked ?

I was waiting for the KTM from MV to Serdang at about 6.55pm
and the 'stupid' train timetable (at the clock) showed that the train will be arriving @ 7.15pm
Ala lama lagi la!
Tapi tak pe la, tunggu je la..

So, i was just standing @ this pillar
and right infront of me were 2 guys wearing white t-shirts
Then tiba2 they came to my pillar standing at the other side,
n i felt like they were looking at me
(bukan i perasan eh, tapi mmg betul2 i can feel it!)
Then not long after that,
7.15pm came......AND.......guess what !
the train still didnt come! huhu
Kena tunggu 8.24 pm for the next train!!

So..the guys went somewhere else la..tengok2 tempat kosong nak tunggu
Not long after that, they came back...standing right INFRONT of me
like only a few inches away ok..
NOW im beginning to feel a little suspicious
because there was definately LOTS of SPACE for them to stand
and they had to stand soo close to me..?
and still i kept feeling like they were 'targeting' me
Photobucket friend came and saw me
and we chatted away..

The train suddenly came
@ about 7.30 pm..and everyone came rushing..
Unfortunately my friend & i didnt get in
but fortunately i got rid of the guys!

Until finally @ 8pm another train came
ahh..betapa syukur Alhamdulillah finally i can go home!
All the girls headed for the 'Ladies Coach'
then again i saw those 2 GUYS!
hey, tak nmpk ke koc wanita untuk WANITA SAHAJA??
Nasib baik, the officer came & said
'ni untuk perempuan je ! Laki2 p masuk kat sana!'
Seputeh-Salak Selatan-Tasik Selatan-Serdang
Suddenly right in the middle on Salak Selatan & Tsk Selatan
the train STOPPED !
ok, biasa la KTM nye train suka stop tengah2 jalan
tak risau sgt la..
thenn....BLACKOUT !!!
Photobucketgelap gile3! u can't see anyone...
Straight-away i thought - 'The train is being HIJACKED!'
and i remembered the 2 guys just now,
maybe they DID IT??
They seemed suspicous enough -trying to go in the Ladies Coach !

Then the train moved, slowly..
and the lights came back on..slowly..
Ahah! girls really do have strong imagination eyh..
dunno bout the guys la..
NASIB BAIK la i was in the Ladies Coach,
at least i wouldnt be scared of any 'strange things' happening during the blackout!


Actually today was my 1st day @ work,
and KTM really make me nearly have a heart-attack this morning..huhu
I was supposed to report myself @ 9am
exactly 8.55am i came..i was so worried that the bos will scold me
BUT seems like my other colleagues was also having probs with the KTM..

No wonder la they call it the MONDAY BLUES =_= Photobucket


landax said...


kenwooi said...

KTM has the worst traveling experience.. =/

alyzv said...

hye thanks landax ^^,

alyzv said...

yes! since its the only option for me to travel, terpaksa la..
fortunately i'll only be going to MV for this week only ! huh!

Matt Leopardus said...

today very badluck laa..not ktm work also got many problem oso hahaha...

Khairi said...

yaaaaa hahahhaa. welcome to komuters world of horror. sediakan mental secukupnya selepas ini hehehehe. saya dah lali.

RoronoaZoro said...

perhh risaunyer.. sebbek ko selamat.. kalo x nahas.. huhu~

xmo pikir bukan2.. =P

Matt Leopardus said...

nyahahaha hehe..

alyzv said... was ALOT worse la! mmg horror gile la..

alyzv said...

haha biasa la kan, hari monday je mesti rasa malas2 jek ;p

alyzv said...

hehe alhamdulillah =)