Tuesday, June 29

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

We saw a RAINBOW today, a DOUBLE RAINBOW together with my bestie, Maryam
it was during twilight (dekat2 nak waktu Maghrib)
and we were on our way home from the Pasar Malam

this wasnt the pic we took (google) but it kinda looked like this..

! noticed the sky was a special colour today
so calm & peaceful

Then when i saw the rainbow..
It made me feel like im the luckiest girl in the world right now
together with Maryam.

Made me remember of how beautiful God creations are
how perfect they are
how it may seem simple, but brings a huge difference in life

But somehow kinda fragile
The rainbow didnt last long, when the sun came down
it was gone
Off to make other's feel lucky too =)

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