Tuesday, June 29

Do You Believe in Karma?

"What goes around comes around
What goes up must come down"
-Alicia Keys 'Karma'

Yeah i know that karma is a Buddhism belief that good things happen to people who do good,
and bad things to people who do otherwise.
But am i wrong to quite believe in this..?

In Islam..people who do good, who obey Allah will be awarded Pahala
and those who don't will get Dosa
but should they regret their wrong-doings, they should repent & ask for forgiveness from Allah SWT.

haha..do u think this pic is off topic?? see, bcos the good twin is good he looks CUTE ! 
but the bad twin looks EVIL! hehehe

I witnessed a taste of 'Karma' these few weeks
and had quite a few silent laughs myself
How God had really planned everything for His people
even we cant think of it happening!
It's amazing how God's fate makes the world seem small
how two really different people can meet and be friends

Last 2 weeks i was uncertain of what i'm doing
i made it up spontaneously
i followed my heart
even though it is still healing 
everything else i refer to Allah for guidance.

Good things DO happen to good people
But do remember friends, that God always throws in some 'tests' to see if u're really GOOD
to see if u will remember Allah always - not only when u are in the hospital bed dying 
BUT also when u feel happy, be thankful to Allah for the life he gives u..say Alhamdulillah ~

Why am i mentioning this?
This is just a little reminder for myself & also my friends
Just so that i'll remember who i am,
my roots & my faith & also responsibilities,
so that i wont drift away and do anything stupid
during my studies away from home.
So please remember who u are, dont change what u are & hurt others' feelings
You may not realize that Karma always gets u...



kenwooi said...

yeah.. what comes around goes around! =)

Yorke Kun said...

yes..that's why there is a say said "buat baik dibalas baik,buat jahat dibalas jahat"..=)

alyzv said...

yups! (=

alyzv said...

betul tu yorke kun ^^,

Yorke Kun said...

yes! i know it, i know it!..hahaha

ARC™ said...

is there's such thing as Karma in Islam?

Long Haffiz said...

yerp2..buat baik di balas baik dan sebaliknya..

alyzv said...

no, not exactly..but there the idea is there..
good things happen to ppl who do good, and likewise to those who do bad
BUT the best thing in Islam is that u can still taubat & ask for forgiveness from Allah as long as u leave ur wrong-doings..

what do u think ARC ?

alyzv said...

yay! long akhirnya sign up gak disqus nih..mekasih for comment ;)