Friday, May 14

To translate or to not translate

Ok, since one of my blog readers requested for a tool that translates
my blog page into English ( or any other language that he/she may understand)
I searched high n low for the 'perfect' translator tool
for my blog readers to use~

Look at what i found from Google Translator~

*click to see it clearer

What IS markus style by the way?? It's supposed to be called Char Kuey Tiaw Lyssa Style..
What made 'Lyssa' be translated into 'Markus' ...??

It's a  BOYS name! =_=

Most of the translations are TOTALLY useless and if i were a foreigner 
and dont understand a word of Bahasa Malaysia, 
i'd have an headache after reading my blog!  

Erm.. i'm STILL searching for a suitable translator,
else i'll just keep alternating my posts (English & Bahasa Malaysia)

If you're wondering..
Why i like to post in two languages?
I write in English when i am feeling depressed or stressed out, but most of the time is when creativity strikes me!
AND i write in Bahasa when i'm feeling normal,
cos after all Bahasa Malaysia IS my mother tongue =) 

alyzv~ Malaysia didn't make it till the final round (Thomas & Uber Cup) , but at least we tried our best..Try,try again MALAYSIA BOLEH! :D


Twin XL said...

You are AWESOME - thank you!!!!!

messyremo said...


jauh giler translate..

sumpah tak fhm nnt..

Alyssa Villamor said...

twinxl: hye, ur welcome..thanks for still coming over ^^,

messyremo: tahu takpe! google tak cukup translator tok BM-English kot :(