Friday, February 12

Our First BAS Project

I'm Hoooommmmeeee!!!

Alhamdulillah, the journey from Kuantan to Putrajaya was smooth~

The day before was such a tiring day, handling the career talk
BUT it was indeed a fun and new experience for me - being MC..
We can't always do it right the FIRST time, but we tried to do our best.. ;)

me n my MC-ing partner~

Part of the crew..

MOST importantly our PM - Mr Ariff who really worked hard to make this happen! I'm really proud for u ;)

And not to forget all the other crew members and the participants, give yourselves a nice pat on your back,
Without you all, THIS wouldn't happen.. 

More pics in bo's FB kay ;)

Now that we've learnt how to face an interview, from A to Z, including on how to write a resume - lets work harder to IMPROVE OUR ENGLISH n BOOST COMMUNICATION SKILLS
Ganbatte friends! ;)

alyzv~ this is a start for many good things to come..amin.


Jard The Great said...

hehehe.. communication skills mmg penting..

BoBoY said...

Thanks Lyssa for the complement...
boo xkan mampu harungi semuanya tanpa sokongan dari lisa n rakan2....
boo sangat hargai n sayang kawan2 boo yang banyak membantu....
ini bukan kejayaan boo sorang tapi kejayaan kita semua.... =)

Matt said...

yeah, we need to improve our english so that we can be more competitive to other people around the world ;)