Tuesday, January 19

When LIfe Gives U Lemons Make Orange Juice~

"When Life Gives U Lemons Make Orange Juice"

Ok..this is a saying that a 'stubborn' girl used to like saying..
Nevertheless, she still is !

There is a double meaning to this quote:

One meaning that a person should think out of the box, whenever he/she undertakes a challenge, be it easy or difficult..try to make the best of what life offers

The second may be implied to a person who is stubborn,
but stubborn in a Positive way~
(i'm not sure if anyone uses this in this context, but this is how i interpret it)
where when life offers someone something good, that person either turns it into an idea (a good one),
OR that person turns his/her back on the opportunity and try something else he/she thinks fit.

What i'm trying to say here is nothing in life is as simple as it seems,
its how YOU work to MAKE it easier~

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Fjordan Allego said...

i agree with your interpretation friend. life depends on how we manage it. God bless your day!

By the way, I already connected with your Google Friend Connect! This is fjordz of www.myfjordz.com thanks!