Wednesday, January 20

My Valentine's Day

For this coming Valentine's Day,
I'm planning to celebrate it with someone special,
SOMEONE much special then my 'special someone' ~haha
(OK even though i dont quite celebrate it, lets make an exception eyh) ;P

U want to know who it is?


 Anne Hathaway

haha OK dont get me wrong,
and let me get this straight,
(i hope u know what i mean)

People say that Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate LOVE
But I'm making a twist to this tale of mine.

The Valentine's I had in mind is about Girls and also Boys
who dream of being a Princess or a Prince,
and this day is the day they can feel, look, & act like one!

Why i chose Anne Hathaway?
It was when i was watching her first movie 'The Princess Diaries'
- a totally down-to-earth girl turned princess
how i wished if my life was like hers..haha~

She's not ur average princess wannabe,
she goes through life's challenges,
and most importantly
she doesnt need a man to think for her.
She's an independent princess!
 She's the kind of princess that I (and probably all the girls in this world) want to be!

 If she were to be my Valentine,
I would invite her and some of my closest friends to hang out together.
NOT shopping!
Coz that's what Girls do,
What does a Princess do?

1. Relaxing by the beach - enjoying the sea breeze. 
1.1 and then Surfing!
2. Bungee jumping from KLCC! (or anyplace high)
3. Go Mountain Climbing in Kota Kinabalu!
4. Ride the Space Shot (in Genting Highlands) 5 times in a row! [dare for more?]
and finally~
5. All-u-can-eat ice cream & chocolates! 
[hey, we get hungry after all those extreme stuff kay]

And when all the fun is over,
we exchange hugs and kisses
and promise to not forget the fun times we had
and to always keep in touch.

The END~

OK friends, do u like my story?
Actually its for a contest I'm joining la!hehe
the prizes are a pair of invites to watch the
Premier Screening of Valentine's Day
on the 9th of FEB.
All courtesy of Nuffnang~

Wish me luck friends! ;)

alyzv~the poster of the movie is at the very it to see the trailer!


Nikel Khor said...

valentine is for sweet lover...

wakaka...iguess u are

from Nikel Khor

Twin XL said...

Never seen this...maybe have to rent the dvd :)