Thursday, January 7

Oh Bother!

There was a Pen n Pencil who lived in the same place,
the Pencil-case
their owner : un-known

The Pen was forever questioning why the place they lived in was called
a Pencil-case,
and not Pen-case, or maybe just Ink-case?
It didnt seem fair to the Pen,
when the Pencil n the Pen lived in the same place

Through-out the stay in Pencil-case,
the Pen was only used seldomly
the Pencil was often used,
always sharpened,
till it got shorter n shorter...till there was not much left.
But..however, it had a useful life.

The Pen however was always jealous of the Pencil,
why cant anybody love it?
appreciate it?
while it was left alone, un-used in the Pencil-case
it kept thinking what it's life purpose was for.

Then one day,
when the Pencil was gone,
the Pen was finally put into service,
writing non-stop
reliable n fair
and it gave the user a little confidence
because the Pen never got shorter, and was always there
strong n independent.

The pen remained useful to its 'master'.
However other people wanted to have hold of the Pen,
the Pen was becoming famous all of a sudden,
but it wondered if they wanted it because of its functions,
and not of its appearance, or anything other.

When finally one day,
it got neglected.
And met the Magic Pen.
Who coloured its life filled with magic
and even though the Pen had nothing left to offer,
its new friend was always there with it.

alyzv~ada makna tersirat gak nie


zella said...

penuh dgn makna...
cipta sendiri ker??

Alyssa Villamor said...

ciptaan sendiri r~
ikut pada diri pembaca masing2 tok faham mksud cite nie ;)

zella said...

bagus la...
creative sungguh! =)

Alyssa Villamor said...

thx2 zella ;)