Friday, January 8

Are U a Girl or a Boy?

There is this situation
where GIRLS are willing to do ANYTHING for
their boyf.

Wasting her precious studying time to text@call him,
talking about the same stuff every single day..

Not going on with the plan they arranged with their friends, because the guy told her not to..

Meeting him every single day, n thus neglecting her friends as if they dont exist..

Giving up college to be nearer to him..
(the most lame excuse ever!)

Giving up herself so that he wont leave her..

They list goes on and on~
The STUPID STUFF girls do for boys they adore,
sometimes i feel ashamed as to how close-minded some people are,
i just wished most girls realized the fact that
BOYS (men) are NOT everything in this world.

U dont need a man to carry ur ridiculous-ly (not actually really) heavy handbag!
U dont need a man to drive u to work n college n any place else!
U dont need a man to lift ur spirit to keep on Living!
(although some owe it alot to the guys for the desire to quit on Life)
U dont need a man to hear u bitching about friends u dont like!

and some self confidence girl!
Something i like to call Girl Power~

I only wished that these kind of girls would think deeper
and wake up from her 'Dream of Love'...

Come on girls..THINK!

When ur guy eats out with his friends, could u STOP him?
When he wants to go play bowling with his office mates(including a female friend), could u TELL him not to?
When he wants to further studies over-seas (very very far from u), do u THINK he would NOT GO?
When he needs to be some place else much important to him, but u think is not that important, could u SLOW him DOWN?

Most guys are hard to change, they stick to what they want,
and DO it.
They have this thing called 'EGO' Photobucket
(just like i said in my previous post)

There are many things a guy would do for his girl,
but NOT that much as to what a girl would (absurdly) do for the guy!

Well sure a girl could melt the heart of a man,
making him bow to a slave..
but do realize that not ALL BOYS (men) like girls who belittle them,
girls who give up on life too easily,
girls who rely too much on the man.
*even i dont like girls like these..feels suffocating!

My advice to my friends n girls out there..
Please..LOVE URSELF.Photobucket

*the pic is not mine, i googled it~

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