Monday, January 11

My Long Lost Friend!

My Lovely Friend is BAAAACCKKKK!!

My calcy la~ hehe

I lost my [scientific]calc last sem, just when FINAL EXAMS r starting!!
So i bought (actually 'he' bought) the little one,
punya la payah nak memilih calc yang best, comel n senang nak dibawa ke mana taw!
~sampai si dia pun da fedup nak tolong pilihkan..:P

I thought my junior took and ran away with it (my old calc)
but then it was my lecturer
who accidentally took it,
EVERYONE is using casio350
-since form2 we have to possess our own scientific calc..

This calc was my lil bro punya,
so when it went missing i didnt feel SAD,
ala, bukan barang lisa pun =P

None then less i got back my calc,
(im not those kinda girls who name their belongings)
and now i can work easily~yay!!

alyzv~ another lost thing reunited is 'si dia' punya hp!yay~! Photobucket


zack zukhairi said...

sib baik lecture yg jumpa..kalau tak, consider ilang je la :D

Alyssa Villamor said...

*zack: tau xpe, padahal hari2 nampak lec tu, hari tu baru dapat calc balik..hehe