Tuesday, January 5


Imagine a shop/store where you can bring Urself to a Different world.
U just have to go inside this special capsule,
wear a sophisticated headgear,
shut ur eyes - like sleeping
Then BAM ur in a different body altogether!
U could be taller, cuter, slimmer, prettier/handsome, sexier..ur own new U..
Ur not in the vicinity of the shop anymore,
u could be in a world that ur mind made up.
U could go shopping, and the ur wallet would NEVER go empty!
Go on a shopping spree n NEVER have to worry about going off budget..*bestnyee~

Something like 'Surrogates' @ 'Gamer' - BUT with a safer n positive side to it.ermm??

But then when u get back to REALITY u would have to pay about 1000 bucks per hour!
amacam best tak??haha
biznes pun nak  buat duit ma :P

We have this 'project' for our ETR300 subject code
trying to find a suitable n compatible business for us to create a business plan n then present it in class.
We did a lot of brainstorming,
but in the end we werent quite sure of which to choose??
Need more RESEARCH!!
Ok..Its been 5 days since i got this flu,
and every morning i wake up with a sore throat n unable to speak,
thus making my start of the day kinda slow & moody~

No Fever YET..
maybe it's just my resdung..tak suka nyeeee!!
I shouldnt eat chicken, but then i cant resist when thats the only food they have
@ the Cafe (in college) !
Redah je la~

alyzv~anybody have any ideas for a simple business?


joegrimjow said...

pernah join iluvsilam punye aktivoti

!!!~ZuE SmiLeYx5~!!! said...

kesiannya get well soon..=)

Alyssa Villamor said...

joegrimjow: erm..tak penah kot?kenapa?

zue: thanx yek =)

Twin XL said...

Such a cool image :)