Tuesday, December 29

Potong Rambut Nenek!

Today I cut my granny's hair!
panjang gile!
(panjang paras bawah telinga jek)

So i was the professional-hair-stylist-wanna-be todayPhotobucket

List of tools:
-Sharp Scissors (CHECK!)
-Comb (CHECK!)
-Old newspaper (CHECK!)
-Broom..to sweep up the mess after (CHECK!)

This was my 2nd time cutting nenek's hair..
this time is much better than last time..hehe
Coz it looks much tidier..haha
Last time her hair look like the hairstyles of Sonic the Hedgehog! Photobucket
So i learnt from that,
and cut bit by bit..not the whole handful of hair i could grab in my hands!
*not with a chainsaw la, scissors of course..hehe

And finally my work of 'art'
her hair was cut short, like a boy..!
nampak cm dak nakal lak..huhu
My nenek just stays at home, so doesnt matter how her hair looks funny right?
No one else is looking..

alyzv~anybody else wants me to cut their hair? ;p

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IZZA said...

potong rmbut nenenk anda