Thursday, November 19

We're Not Meant To Be (p2)

This is the continuation from my previous post (Kalu Dah Jodoh Tak Kesampaian Nak Wat Camne Kan)
Sorry3 coz it took a long time for me to publish this one - due to my final exams, i didnt have the mood to finish this one off..

This time its in English, coz i really hope that the person that i'll be telling u about may read this blog of mine when he/she is google-ing about:
'Friendship' - 'Relationship' - 'Betrayal' - 'Appreciation' - 'Forgiveness'
There's just too much words that can't describe this feeling i have right now...
In my previous post which was about 'jodoh' was about the love relationship between a guy n a girl
BUT in today's post it'll be all about Friendship~

Friendship..its a bond between 2 or more people that is almost as important as Love
without friends u'll be a lonely person,
without friends u won't have someone that'll listen n comfort u when ur sad
and enjoy times of happiness together.

A friend that loves u will do anything for u,
be there for u when u need without u even asking to
they know when ur sad even when u say u're not
they know when u have problems even when u say u don't
even when u feel like no one in this world is listening to u
a friend i always there with u.

My friend once said, Friendship is also a kind of 'Jodoh'
'Jodoh' when translated roughly means 'Fate'.
A bond between two persons
a match written by Allah Himself
where good things (friends) comes from Him ~ insya Allah..

Have u heard the saying -
' If you love someone let it go, and if it comes back its yours'
u'll probably hear this advice whenever ur in a breakup
in this case however - friendship - there IS love in friendship mind u that (n dont be shy to admit this)
coz love connects us humans with each other n also God.
What im trying to say here is that, even though u have a friend that lives far far away
and u rarely get to meet each other,
if there is love, if there is 'jodoh'..u'll be together day..

The friend that im trying to write about here in this blog of mine
is the one not worth waiting for..
hmm..i dunno..its just coz we never had any real connection from the start..
i didnt know her true heart feelings, what she was really thinking about
and what she really regarded me as..a friend?a sister?or just an acquaintance?
eventhough she treated me well, in the end i was the fool in this story

What ever happened to all the promises that u said u'd fulfil,
the times u said u'd come visit n hangout..
it wasnt all about the money
it was about our friendship..if we even had one, if u even ever remembered we had one...??
I never thought that things would come to be this way
That we were just strangers in the end
And wishing i had never met u..

U're gonna get married now,
and not even an invitation card for me..thanks for that..
i hope u have a happy life with that future husband of yours
eventhough u dont remember me, i pray that u'll realize what u've done
i pray that u'll appreciate our friendship one day.

alyzv~ u know who u r, dont pretend that u dont.

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